About Us

Highfield is an extension of “Queen Distillers & Bottlers Pvt. Ltd.” setup in year 2014. Queen Distillers was founded by Late Sardar Nanak Singh, founder of “Nanak Milk“.

The purpose of the “Highfield Distillers and Bottlers Pvt. Ltd.” is to produce and give its customers the Finest ,Richest and Rarest IMFL with unique blends of matured Vatted malts and Scotch. All The Spirits are made from finest grain spirits available in the country.

M/s Highfield Distillers  & Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. is being steered by the long term vision of Late Sardar Nanak Singh since 2000. The integral beliefs of the Group have been established by hard work and team spirit. Today, the Group boasts an impressive portfolio, including distillers, real estate and dairy.

The company’s prime motive is to provide high quality products and services while efficiently & effectively optimizing diverse businesses and thus maximizing profit. This has resulted in exponential growth in the Group’s productivity. The group has been able to transform industries and in turn create opportunities for entirely new market segments. The business model has evolved significantly through strategic investments in services and technologies, ensuring that the Group maintains its competitive advantage in every sector.

The Group attributes a major part of its success to its visionary, the erstwhile Founder Mr. Bhupinder Singh , who is a graduate of the Delhi University in English Hon’s & has also done Business Management from U.K. His pioneering vision to conquer new heights and fulfill the dreams of all its stakeholders is the key to driving the Group to continuously set new benchmarks.

This company has with the passage of time started various brands of Indian Made Foreign Liquor viz. Highfield Premium Reserve Whisky,Gentle Touch-Whisky,King’s Gold-Special Whisky,Jolt –XXX Rum,High Speed-Whisky  etc.